Thursday, August 7, 2008


Hello Saints!

Just a quick reminder of tonight's events:

As we are working toward the Certificate of Occupancy, this Thursday will be a 'work night' at CCOTL....

Normally, we'd have an agape feast/ prayer night on the first Thursday of the month. We've rescheduled that to the first Thursday we're 'in'.

So tonight, we hope you'll join us for 'Work night at CCOTL'. here's how it will work....

6pm- we'll pray, and feed you fried chicken, and pizza.

6:30- 8pm Doug and/ or another volunteer will help watch the kids (5 and under) at the Nazarene church, so work can begin.

8oclock, childcare ends, but the work can continue as long as you want! woo-hoo!

come when you can, and stay till you can, and do all you can!

the scope of work?

probably some final touch- up painting, carpet tiles to be laid, CLEANING, lots of cleaning!, putting together IKEA furniture. ( a whole truckload should arrive today), and other things...

you might want to bring some very basic tools: hammer, screwdrivers, as we should have tons of Ikea things (if the delivery arrives) and could work in many teams...

If none of this is up your alley, we would also like to have people walking through classrooms, praying for our children's ministry...our children and our children's ministry servants. can head to the Naz to hang with me and help watch children...

That's it for now! take care!


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