Saturday, August 2, 2008

The latest scoop....

Well, we had a GREAT turnout today for our workday. It just so happens that there's a huge amount of work. Because we are not certain that we'll have our Certificate of Occupancy by this Friday, and because there will be plenty of work to keep us busy, we've decided we won't be moving to the new building for a Sunday service, until Aug 17th, at the earliest. That's effectively one more week to wait!

In the meantime, all of our Thursday nights will be work nights, until we get that coveted CO. We'll have a quick dinner at 6pm, and get to working by 6:30. If you can come and lay carpet tiles, or clean, or put together some furniture from IKEA, join us! For that matter, even if you are physically unable to help in those ways, come eat, and join a group that can go from room to room and pray for the future of those rooms! "Lord, let the toddlers who come into this room know your presence... let the teachers be filled with your spirit....etc..."

that's the latest for now! please check in again soon, for the latest!

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