Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today's inspection

So today while some of the ladies were going crazy at IKEA ;-), the inspector came. He, ironically, asked about the flooring getting finished, but did not indicate that it would prevent our CO (although who knows what the NEXT inspector will say...there seems to be a great deal of "gray" area about what it takes to get the CO). What he did find were things like the fact that the parking lot does not have the planned number of handicapped spaces, we need to post occupancy signs (402 people!) for the building, and we need "as-built" drawings for the sound booth. Two other inspectors were meant to show up; one for the electrical and one for the fire code stuff. Neither one of them ever came. They are now scheduled to come on Thursday. We need the fire guy to come before the holes in the ceiling in the back entrance way can get patched, so hopefully they will actually come this time. At least their reports give us the action items we (and the landlord) need to focus on to move in.

Fred worked on more painting tonight and Bill worked more on the tile. Eric was there all day meeting with (and waiting on) the inspector(s). Since the shopping trip proved more "fruitful" than their vehicles could accommodate,there was no need to unload very many purchases tonight. That's what Thursday will be for! BUT, Eric wants me to remind everyone that some serious cleaning will need to take place before we really start assembling stuff or all our new things will be hopelessly dusty 5 minutes after assembly. If you've spent any time up there or looked at the carpet pictures on this blog, you know what I mean :-).

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chewhi said...

Pray things have stayed on track and pray you all have a productive and joy filled time working tonight!