Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A few pictures from tonight

The sound board is in, and the audio was being run as I left.

Here's the current layout for the 3-5th grade class

The stage is getting carpet, and the audio is being done.

The parking lot is now restriped with 4 Handicapped spots in front of the building and parallel parking down the side wall. There's also parking in back of the building, just in case you didn't know that. AND there's an entrance back there too.

Fred gets the hardest worker award. He has singlehandedly primed the whole building, painted most of it, and here he is taking some chemical to EACH and EVERY floor tile to get them cleaned up. He's amazing! And he's smiling!

Look, the podium is here :-).


Smith Schoolhouse said...

I love the picture from the parking lot at night- it looks so...real!

Are the parking places in the back restriped too?

Melissa said...

Hey, you missed me! I cleaned those tiles too with acetone. I'm sure I have a few less brain cells as a result. I have to agree about Dad - he loves to work and is thankful he can get out of bed every morning and work. Look at those overalls! I think they're ready for the rag bag.