Monday, August 11, 2008

Just call us...

Calvary Chapel of IKEA! God definitely had His hand on the timing of IKEA's opening and our building. Their furniture is cheap but good quality, and we've more than taken advantage of that. Here are some pictures from the latest IKEA run.

Lisa, with notebook in hand, checks in with Doug.

Checking out our table options for the 3rd-5th grade classroom.

It doesn't take the wisdom of Solomon to know that placing 28 round table legs in a flat bed cart is a recipe for disaster...or at least frequent stops to put them back on said cart. But by the time we picked up the table legs, that cart was our only option. Let's just say all of IKEA knew where we were every time they would clatter to the ground.

Checking out at the second happiest place on earth.

This is what 7 tables, 28 legs, 25 stools, one shelf, and two shelf brackets look like. Oh, and 4 toilet bowl brushes :-).

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