Monday, August 11, 2008


Eric says that all the action items on his list that were OUR responsibility to get done for the CO are done. BUT, the parking lot still needs to be restriped (our landlord's responsibility) before we can call for the CO AND again, we never know what the inspector may say.
That DOES NOT mean there is not still work to be done!
We still have lots of touch up paint...mostly for really steady hands. There are still tiles to be fixed, audio wiring to be done, and some carpet to be laid. For less "skilled" jobs, there is still some IKEA stuff to assemble, grout to wash off tiles, lots of general cleaning (unless we want a dusty and dirty first service) and moving stuff (like furniture around in the classrooms or moving out supplies we are done with) .
We are planning to hold out AGAPE feast this Thursday at 6PM at the new building with a brief prayer service and more work time afterward. And we are hopeful that THIS SUNDAY will be our first service in the new building, but please check here often to be updated in case things change.


Doug said...

Thanks, Amy for the update, and the pics!! woohoo

chewhi said...

wow! these are all great!