Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Okay, so we didn't pass...

The inspector came for the CO this afternoon. Despite the fact that he was just there last week and we did everything he told us, today there were 2 "new" issues. First, all the carpet and tile was not laid, which he had before indicated would not be a problem, but today it was. Second, we didn't have weather stripping on the front doors.
So, a small setback.
But Bill and Pascal were up at the building completing most of the tile tonight

(all but 3 feet of the main threshold is done and will just need to be grouted tomorrow-they left that passageway so everyone working could go from area to area without messing up the tile).

And the weather stripping went on too, so we are hoping we can get them to come out again on Friday to re-inspect.

Here are some more pictures from tonight:
More tile between the men's bathroom and the kitchen.

The couch in the nursing mom's room

Elizabeth balances motherhood with carpentry.

Chairs in the sanctuary and a fully carpeted stage :-)

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