Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday night's progress

Given that CR was tonight, the work crew was light BUT Fred managed to give all the tan walls a second coat. He is a painting fiend! Below is that tan color with one of the new classroom signs.

Eric and Phillip worked to get outlet covers on, purchase supplies we were low on, and make lists of things still to be done. Bill worked on the tile some more. And Emily even helped Eric hang the fixtures in the bathroom (toilet paper holders, paper towel holders, soap dispensers, and rehanging the mirrors).
The big surprise today? The inspector is coming TOMORROW to review for the Certificate of Occupancy. We have no expectations that we will pass because the flooring is not done. Hopefully though, we will at least have a list of the things we need to get done before they WILL give us the CO.

Art was there yesterday and put up the signs identifying all the rooms :-).

Here are the two colors in the fellowship hall. See the faint white line at the bottom of the brown wall? That's what I spent the evening touching up.

This is the toddler room. It's very bright and sunny. It is probably the classroom closest to being finished. We need to give the door some paint, and deal with those boxes on the wall (from the security system that Awesome Audio used when this was their space), but other than that, this room is done.

Here's a larger picture of the sanctuary carpet so you can see the border effect.

And here's a close-up that shows the colors better. All that white stuff? That's from footprints. The building is still very "powder-y" from all the work we've been doing.

So what's still to do? Laying the other half of the carpet in the sanctuary, cleaning, painting baseboards, doorframes, and doors, cleaning, touch-up painting, taping the tile to protect it from painting, cleaning, putting together all the IKEA stuff Lisa and Co. have purchased for the classrooms, filling in some missing tile, oh, and did I mention cleaning? Seriously, there's still plenty to be done :-).

Come tomorrow night (Tuesday) if you can to help unload the IKEA purchases. We can use help specifically from about 6-8.

Don't forget Thursday night at 6 is dinner (provided by the church) and then a work night.

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