Saturday, August 23, 2008

If you're checking this....

then, you're OBVIOUSLY one of those who are 'in the know' ;) Here's a few ways that those who are 'in the know' can help make our 2nd Sunday in the new digs run smoothly:

Would you mind helping us in the area of where you park? Conventional wisdom says that if newcomers think there's no parking, sometimes they just keep driving, and miss church. You can help by following this plan:

1. On Sundays, we have permission and access to all of the parking next door, (the Jiffy Lube type place), so let's fill that lot first, with those of us who are 'in the know'.

2. After that, we also have parking in the back, let's make that our second lot to fill

3. That will leave the lot directly in front of the church for newcomers, maybe some of our older saints, etc..

Gayne F. will be out there to direct some parking tomorrow, so please don't run him over!

Here's some more info for those 'in the know':(esp. children's ministry)
The commissioning service, for our children's ministry workers: you are still welcome to bring your kids, but if you want someone to watch them for those 15 minutes, Charles Clendenny will be in Classroom C by 9:25.

Thanks for your continued prayers, and your flexibility!

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