Friday, August 22, 2008


A reminder- Tomorrow, beginning at 10am, we'll be planning/ preparing all the lessons that we will complete this quarter. This lines up with our goal to make the yoke easy for our classroom workers. Lot's of opportunities to contribute to the children's ministry's success. Here's some examples:

1. If you're a teacher, who wants to help choose from lesson plans/ and tweak them. We could use your brainpower.

2. If you're able to cut paper, sort cottonballs, etc.. we could use your hands.

3. Even if you have no interest in these things, if you can put Ikea stuff together, we can use your horsepower! If you can bring a few common screwdrivers, drill, etc, that's even better!

We'll go no later than 2pm, and let's make this 'open house style'. Even if you can only come for an hour or so, we'd love the help!

so, 10-2pm, come when you can, do what you can, leave when you need to! thanks!

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