Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our First Sunday

As more and more people arrived, I was struck by how much we looked like, well, a "real" church! There were so many people (some visitors, it's true, but many, many actual members), and we were all in the same area, so you could really appreciate that we really do have a lot of folks!

People milling on the "other side" of the fellowship hall.

This picture doesn't capture the depth well, but there was actually a LINE to get into the sanctuary.

The end of our first service...

The end of our first service

A novel concept...we can just SIT and talk after church!

No more schlepping sound boards and cables!

Here are the kids on their way to worship.

The kids have their own dedicated children's worship with Kris a strummin' and a-singin'. They sounded great.

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