Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update on Isabella

Hello Saints, here's the latest on how to pray for little Isabella Clendenny-

1. She's been admitted to Arnold Palmer, Orlando, and tomorrow, Thursday will have a shunt placed to relieve the pressure upon her brain. This requires cranial surgery, which obviously is serious, but Charles knows a few people at work who say that this usually goes off without complications. pray for skill for the surgeons, successful relief for Isabella, and peace in the midst, for Mom and Dad.

2. There is some question as to whether insurance will pay for an extended stay at Jackson Memorial, in Miami. Charles and Elizebeth had a GREAT visit there yesterday, and this is where they want Isabella. The Specialist there is one of the very best. The assistants at Jackson think they can work through the insurance company, which is how we should pray. C and E will be going to a hospital in St. Pete, as a backup, but their hearts desire is that Jackson Memorial would be covered by their insurance. please agree with them on this as well.

Thank you, saints, we all love this family, and will continue to bring our petitions to the One who loves them even more.

In His firm grip,

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chewhi said...

how are things going with Isabella?