Sunday, November 2, 2008

Isabella's battery of tests

Hi saints. The following is published with permission of Charles and Elizabeth, so you can pray more specifically during their visit to Cincinnati Children's Hospital: This will help you 'tag along' with your prayers. Thanks for your prayers for this family! Doug

The following appointments are scheduled for Isabella Clendenny:

Monday, November 3, 2008
8:30am- Consult with Dr. Davies and labs, report to Hem-Onc clinic location A, 5th floor. This consult can take 1 ½- 2 hours.
**tour of BMT until after consult (approx 11:00am)

1:30pm- Xray of airway. Radiology dept location B, 1st floor.

2:30pm- ENT appointment with Dr. Cotton, report to ENT clinic location C, 2nd floor.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008
**stop solid foods/milk for 6 hrs prior to ECHO
**may have clear liquids (water,apple juice, etc,.) up until 2 hrs prior to ECHO
**stop all food/drink at 2 hrs prior to ECHO

8:00am- Anesthesia consult. Report to Same Day Surgery in Location B, 3rd floor. All patients with Hurler’s have an anesthesia consult so that when they are sedated for surgical procedures or CT scans the anesthesia department is familiar with the patient’s history.

10:00am- Genetics appointment with Dr. Leslie. Report to Location C, 2nd floor.

12:15pm- ECHO with sedation, report to cardiology location C, 4th floor.
ECHO is a test, which uses high-frequency sound waves to image the heart and surrounding tissues and takes approximately 45 min.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
9:15am- Cardiology consult with Dr. Gottliebson, following EKG with visit, report to location C 4th floor.
EKG is a recording of the electrical activity of the heart on a moving strip of paper. The electrocardiogram detects and records the electrical potential of the heart during contraction. This test takes around 15-20 min.

11:00am- Aldurazyme infusion. Report to infusion center in Location A, 3rd floor.

Thursday, November 6, 2008
8:00am- CT Scan (full body) with anesthesia, report to Radiology location B, 1st floor. CT scan will begin around 9:00am. Isabella will drink some contrast prior to the scan.
Stop solid foods, formula or milk 8 hours before the test.
Stop CLEAR LIQUIDS 2 hours before the test.
CLEAR LIQUIDS include water, clear drinks (no pulp) popsicles, broth, Pedialyte, jell-o. **

We encourage all children of all age groups to drink clear liquids up to 2 hours before their scheduled arrival time.

CT Scan is a computerized scan of the body. The scan takes multiple frames of pictures of area’s such as the head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis or sinus or any specific area of the body. The machine takes "slice-like" pictures of the body part being scanned. The child will lie on a table that moves through the middle of a "donut-hole" in the CT machine. Nothing will hurt or touch the child during the scan.

1:00pm- Pulmonary consult with Dr. Wood, report to location C 5th floor.

Monday, November 10, 2008
8:45am- GFR test in Radiology Location B, 1st floor.
GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) is a test that helps a doctor determine how well the kidneys are working. The GFR is divided into 2 parts. The first part involves an injection into a vein and a scan of the kidneys. After the scan a measurement will be done on the computer which is a number that compares the amount of kidney function in the right and left kidneys. The 2nd part of the GFR test involves 4 blood draws, which can be taken from a central line. This test takes about 4 hours in total. No caffeine prior to the GFR test.

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